Decoding The Job Search

Resume Readiness Quiz

Assuming you have an updated resume, what kind of shape is it in? Read each question and answer 1 for “Yes” and 0 for “No.” Add your total score as a general guide for how close your resume is to being job-search ready.

1. Have you chosen a professional resume format and style you’re comfortable with? Y/N
2. Is all your contact information at the top of the page? Y/N
3. Do you include a Qualifications Summary on the first page that doubles as a marketing tool to sell your qualifications to the reader? Y/N
4. If this is a technical resume, do you have all your technical skills listed on the first page? Y/N
5. Does your resume include a chronological list of your relevant employment? Y/N
6. Under each employment entry, do you include examples of your responsibilities and/or the projects you worked on, technology used? Y/N
7. Have you included relevant keywords? Y/N
8. Do you include a section for education and/or certifications? Y/N
9. Do you have references “Available on Request”?  Y/N
10. Do you have multiple versions of your resume available for different job types? Y/N
11. Is your resume content accurate and honest? Y/N
12. Spelling and grammar check? Y/N
13. Is your resume between 2-5 pages? Y/N
14. Did you have someone else review the resume? Y/N

Total Score 

12-14 points: You’re good to go.
10-11 points: Consider getting some help updating your resume.
<10 points: Your resume isn’t quite ready yet—but this book can help with that.